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Umar Habib Printers, a well-acclaimed company successfullyprofile delivering unmatched quality printing services since the last 25 years, is among the most trusted names in the printing industry. With years of expertise, constant upgradation of printing infrastructure coupled with induction of new techniques, Umar Habib Printers has virtually become a synonym of the most dependable quality printing service provider.

With client base in Pakistan and across globe, Umar Habib Printers vouches only one thing, "Quality printing services at affordable cost", of course, timely delivered. Be it in Faisalabad, land of cottong and textile, Umar Habib Printers is known for commercial cost effective offset and digital printing services.

Umar Habib Printers was founded by Group Founder Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal as a very small scale service industry.In a very shortprofile span of time Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal earned a good name & fame by delivering quality printing and extending personalized care & timely services to every customers coming to Umar Habib Printers. The limited resources of those times could not restrain his zeal to fulfill his commitments to the customers.

Since then, his name, Printing, and Umar Habib Printers are considered synonymous. His foresight and acumen in the field of the printing industry was unmatched and can only be judged by the fact that he single handedly ran the business till 2001 and earned a reputation which has even earned honor for the printing industry of Punjab.

Now, the second generation Family Members have recently joined the company. Mixing Traditions with Technology, taking the group to an international level. Its been now 5 years when Umar Habib Printers had started Exporting its services to International market and growing many folds each year.


  • Ensuring best of our services at all times to our customers delight.
  • Delivering best quality product at competitive rates on time.
  • Consistently delivering & maintaining international quality standards.
  • Adhering to Ethical practices & confer to legal & social framework.

Latest News

Latest machinery added this year...

Umar Habib Printers are proud to offer thier services by adding advanced and modern mchines added this year.